Pericles poster


When: March 28 to 31, 2019
Where: Space Gallery, Portland

presented by Naked Shakespeare

Never has a man been so beset by storms and tumultuous circumstance as our hero Pericles. So says medieval poet John Gower, who returns from the grave briefly to lead us through this cautionary and fantastical account of heroes and villains, adventure and tragedy, love, loss and redemption.

This fairy-tale is Shakespeare as you have not seen him before – gritty, dangerous, yet lovely and touching all at once – you might say…shades of Into the Woods, but way before its time.

Come experience this multi-dimensional tale with the Naked Shakespeare ensemble of actors, musicians and puppeteers!

Directed by:  Sarah Barlow


Gower – Maggie Gish / Mike Cheung
Pericles – Josh Brassard
Marina – Julia Fitzgerald
Thaisa – Mary Randall
Dionyza – Amanda Painter
Cleon/Simonides/Lysimachus – Eric Norgaard

Event Listing at Space

1st Gentlemen- Robbie Harrison
2nd Gentlemen- Christopher Hoffman
3rd Fisherman/Lychorida – Julianne Shea
Cerimon/Pandar/Thaliard – Hollie Pryor
Bawd – Jess Labbe
Boult/Helicanus – Megan Tripaldi
Leonine – Christine Hey

Show Co-sponsor:

Maine Playwright’s Festival

When: April 25-May 4, 2019
Where: The Studio Theater at Portland Stage

Maine’s celebration of world premiere scripts by local playwrights, now in its 18th season. The 2-week festival involves over 35 Maine-based theater artists and includes full performances, staged readings, and presentations of new plays by local high school students and by 2019 MPF Playwright-in-Residence Michael Kimball. Click the link above to purchase tickets for the Featured Plays performances in Portland. More information on ticketing for other events coming soon!

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