MPF Production History

From staged readings to full productions and from York County to Washington County, Maine Playwrights Festival has supported and showcased plays written by more than 100 Maine-based writers since it was established in 2001. The festival’s history includes over 150 world premiere productions, as well as scores of other staged readings, 1-minute-play performances, and more.


Flirting with Disaster by Todd Brian Backus
  • Flirting With Disaster, by Todd Brian Backus
  • The Art of Eliza, by Kerri Elissa Becker
  • Surprise! Inc. by Nolan Ellsworth & Shannon Wade
  • Kaye’s Gift, by Joe O’Donnell
  • Around We Go, by Hollie Pryor

Staged Readings

  • We All Need A Little Magic, by Dan Bancroft
  • Meeting Fingerman, by Mark Evan Chimsky
  • The Plan,  by David Susman
  • Living Bones, by Megan Tripaldi
  • On Such A Full Sea, by Stowell P.  Watters


Dimitria’s Kitchen by Marcia Pitcher
  • Dimitria’s Kitchen, by Marcia Pitcher
  • The Experience Box, by Kory Alexander Majansky
  • The Faevorite, by Chris DeFilipp
  • Leave It Open, by Jule Selbo
  • Masks, by Brian Arundel
  • Monster Invisible, by Gordon LePage

Staged Readings

  • The Axe and the Ex, by Kerri Becker
  • Barren, by Leah Bruns
  • Getting Juliet,  by Mark Evan Chimsky
  • The House That Jack Built, by Thomas Spurr
  • Restorations,  by Lynne Cullen


Rabbit Rabbit by Nolan Ellsworth and Shannon Wade
  • The Bi-annual Stone Skipping Competition on Long Lake, by Stowell Watters
  • Green Light (Going), by Hollie Pryor
  • Jane Grey, by Alexa Gallant
  • Miss LeGallienne Announces the New Season, by Carolyn Gage
  • Rabbit Rabbit, by Nolan Ellsworth & Shannon Wade

Staged Readings

  • Cats are Good at Hiding Things, by Gordon LePage
  • The Daughter of the Ruler of the Seas and Tides, by Elaine Ford & Arthur Boatin
  • The Do-Over, by Kerri Becker
  • Mansion on the Hill, by Eddie Adelman
  • Miss Julie, by Jule Selbo


“Elvis and the Swear Can” by Danie Connolly at the 2019 festival (photo Bree Candland)
  • Elvis and the Swear Can, by Danie Connolly
  • Gloria Anderson, by Kevin O’Leary
  • Mister Puddles’ Last Adventure, by Thomas Spurr
  • O’Hare – Gate A4, by Eddie Adelman
  • The Store, by Travis G. Baker
  • Willy’s Excellent Adventure, by David Susman

Staged Readings

  • Bunk, by Raechel Segal
  • Goodwill, by Lori Rand
  • The Interview, by Brian Arundel
  • Like an Oak, by Tony Morin
  • A Song of India, by Gordon LePage


  • Angels We Have Heard, by Gordon LePage
  • Boy Missing, by Travis G. Baker
  • Gesundheit, by Parker Lemal-Brown
  • Knocks and How to Answer, by Ron Kanecke
  • Sleeping at Campobello, by Jennifer Reck

Staged Readings

  • Guernica, by David Draheim
  • Hippos in the Catholic School Parking Lot, by David Body
  • Just Saying, by Mary Katherine Spain
  • The Other Life, by Lynne Cullen
  • Whoosie, by Cassandra Powers

“Gesundheit” by Parker Lemal-Brown


  • Connection, by David Vazdauskas
  • Elwood’s Last Job, by Elaine Ford
  • Miracles, by Ron Kanecke
  • The Thing Carol Saw, by John Manderino
  • The Wild Hunt, by Lynne Cullen
  • Walter Likes Henny Just Fine, by David Susman

Staged Readings

  • A Little Lump Thing, by Daniel C. Bryant
  • At Sea, by Carolyn Gage
  • Breakfast Buddies, by Samuel Richardson
  • In Flagrante Delicto, by Josh Brassard
  • Talking to Cats, by Arthur Boatin
“Miracles” by Ron Kanecke


  • Meet the Author, by David Susman
  • Nerdlords Vs. the Thing Under the Basement, by Jennifer Jensen
  • Olive Shrineshade, by Richard Sewell
  • Planchette, by Carolyn Gage
  • Something Blue, by Delvyn Case

Staged Readings

  • How Things Sometimes Work Out, by Jennifer Reck
  • Insurrections, by Nicole d’Entremeont
  • Original Brasses, Fine Patina, by Elaine Ford
  • Whatever You Decide, by Bess Welden
  • Where There’s Will, by Erica Thompson


  • 3am at Dennys, by Shondra Jin Robbins
  • Click Here, by David Susman
  • Creation, by David Vazdauskas
  • Houston, by Michael Kimball
  • Predestination, by Arthur Boatin
  • The Lift, by Susan Staples


  • An Absence of Grey, by Shirley Sargent
  • Battle Faire, by Erica Thompson
  • Before the Curtain, by Jennifer Reck
  • Brinner with Cindy, by Ryan William Shephard
  • Carl, by John Manderino
  • Disagreement at the Dead Boot Saloon, by Michael Kimball
  • Finish It, by Stephen Dennis
  • God Visits Lucifer on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Fall, by Josh Brassard
  • Incidentally, by Laurie Medeiros
  • Schrodinger’s Roulette, by Jody McColman
  • A Storybook Romance, by Howard Rosenfield
  • Stuck, by David Susman
  • The Abyss, by Jo-Anne Walton
  • The Church of the Divine Potluck, by Sybill Baker
  • The Hurricane, by Patricia Mew
  • The Purchases, by Jefferson Navicky
  • The Sign, by Kathy Hooke
  • To Whom It May Concern, by Lynne Cullen

Staged Reading

  • What If…, by Linda Britt


  • Cat Scratch, by Megan Tripaldi
  • Date Night at Al’s Bar and Grill, by Dan Hadley
  • Delestage, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
  • Halo, by Hal Cohen
  • Holly Belle, by Sarah Paget
  • Janey Succumbs to Polar Madness, by Michael Kimball
  • Memories of Paradise, by Bruce Pratt
  • Radicals, by Carolyn Gage
  • Rope Trick, by Michael Tooher
  • Slunkerfish, by Roger Clark Van Deusen
  • Stel, by Charlie Cole
  • Zeno’s Arrow, by David Susman

Staged Reading

  • Want/Not, by Cullen McGough


  • Chicken Tonight, by Larry Crane
  • A Depressed Childhood, by David Vardemen
  • He Touched Me, by Patricia Mew
  • It’s Just Not Polite, by Laurie Medeiros
  • Memories of Rain, by Sarah Halford
  • The Necrology Report, by Maureen Ann Connolly
  • On, by David Vazdauskas
  • Potatoes Aren’t Enough, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
  • A Road That Happened to be Broken, by Jefferson Navicky
  • Snowball’s Chance in Hell, by Chelsea Cook

Staged Readings

  • Memorial Day, by Lynne Cullen
  • We Drew the Sky, by Charlie Marenghi


  • Aiming Off, by Larry Crane
  • Class, by Marie Coyle
  • Infestation, by Jefferson Navicky
  • In This Economy, by Isabel Sterne
  • Perfect Joe, by Lynne Cullen
  • Silence and Slow Time, by Kathy Hooke
  • Size Matters, by Michael Tooher
  • The Last Fish in the Sea, by Cullen McGough
  • The Perils of Long-Term Care, by Michael Kimball
  • The Rope Swing, by Shannara Gillman

Staged Readings

  • Iceland, by Michael Tooher
  • Commixtus, by Katherine Roscher


  • Backseat Driver, by Laura Emack
  • Barter, by Bruce Pratt
  • (Living) Will, by John Rizzo
  • Lungfish, by Jefferson Navicky
  • Neighbors, by Blaise Titus
  • now I lay me down to sleep, by Michael Tooher
  • Savannah, by Kathy Hooke
  • The Brownwater Legend, by Michael Kimball
  • The Day After the Incident, by Eric Worthley
  • The Nziza, by Delvyn Case, Jr.
  • Topnotch Man, by Hugh Aaron

Featured Play

  • Solitary Dancers, by Jan Paetow


  • Are You Going to Wear that Shirt?, by John Manderino
  • Better, Tommorrow, by Lara Lom
  • Hot Dish, by Diana Sterne
  • Protect Us, by Cathy Plourde
  • Put Your Hands Together, by John Rizzo
  • Reorient, by Michael Kimball
  • Invisible Men, by Lynne Cullen

Featured Plays

  • The Goddess Tour, by Carolyn Gage
  • Private, by Roger Bechtel


  • Bailey’s Mistake, by Gerald George
  • Balcony of a Stranger, by Heather Crocker
  • Electrolysis, by Bruce Pratt
  • Fishtank Poem, Fishtank Song, by Richard Sewell
  • In a Clearing Quiet, by Michael Tooher
  • My Mother Wears a Thong, by Linda LeRoyer
  • Party Time, by Clare Melley Smith
  • Portrait of the Vampire as a Young Man, by John Manderino
  • Speed Dating, by Diana Stern
  • The Deckhand, by Cathy Counts
  • The Muffin Man, by Michael Kimball
  • Yellow Jackets, by Susan Poulin and Gordon Carlisle


  • Actual Glass, by Michael Kimball
  • A Turn for the Worse, by Clare Melley Smith
  • A Woman Six Inches Taller, by David Draheim
  • Call of the Wild, by Jan Paetow
  • Done Deal, by Linda Griffith
  • Fruitcake,by Richard Sewell
  • Indians, by John Manderino
  • Jesus and the Sewing Circle, by Lynne Cullen
  • The Bell, by Brent Askari
  • The Lamp, by Jay Lawrence
  • The Marriage, by Josh Harriman
  • The Prayer Shawl, by Dana Pearson


  • Audrey, by John Manderino
  • Bad Case of Loving You, by Jay Lawrence
  • Friendly Fred, by John Manderino
  • Heaven, by Lynne Cullen
  • Mrs. White’s Little Girls Get Dirty, by Danie Connolly
  • Oakfall, by Richard Sewell
  • Paul and Mom, by John Manderino
  • Romance, by Jon Potter
  • ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings, by Carolyn Gage
  • The Trains of Painesville, by Linda Griffith
  • Visiting Hour, by Dana Pearson


  • Contradictions, by Charles Arnold
  • El Jefe, by Jason Wilkins
  • Jill and Jack, by John Manderino
  • Love on the Line, by Amy Roche
  • The Mistake, by Phebe Reeves
  • Panic in the Time of an Insecure God, by Maureen Sullivan
  • The Poorly-Written Play Festival, by Carolyn Gage
  • Radio, by David Bunker
  • The Sand Which is There, by John Manderino
  • The Sky’s the Limit, by Tim Wilson
  • This is the Remains of Another Play, by Chris Gyngell


  • All I Want for Christmas, by Miranda Hope
  • Endymion, by Lynne Cullen
  • Harry and Edith, by Karmo Sanders
  • Mrs. Hemingway Goes Dancing, by Nicole Wolf Gilbert
  • Order Up, by Miranda Hope
  • Side by Side, by Paul G. Charbonneau
  • Surge, by Catherine Anderson
  • The View, by John Manderino
  • The Way Around, by Suze Allen
  • Wendell Perkins, Unbound, by Raymond K. Long
  • Wolfman and Janice, by John Manderino


  • Breadalbane, by Larry Crane
  • 100% American Girl, by Colin Sargent
  • Stars Falling, by Jaynie Decker


  • The Parmenchene Belle, by Carolyn Gage
  • The Potato Pickers, by Tim Wilson
  • Regalia, by Rick Doyle